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Credit Wizard, LLCCredit Wizard, LLC is a corporation that is dedicated to assisting debtors by providing practical and affordable assistance and debt reduction alternatives. Our resources are available to consumers regardless of past credit history. Our mission is to educate as many consumers as possible about the burdensome effects of carrying excessive debt and to encourage consumers to control their debt instead of allowing it to control them.

We know that excessive consumer debt has contributed to the break down of personal freedom in America. We also recognize that excessive consumer debt is contributing to more intense family pressures and a higher divorce rate.

Excessive debt is making consumers more susceptible to financial disaster that may be caused by unexpected life events such as loss of employment, divorce, and medical problems. We have established relations with non-profit debt management agencies and debt experts that offer dynamic debt consolidation programs and resources that have assisted millions of consumers in their quest to lead a more prosperous and debt free life.


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